The coast of West-Izu is a deeply indented coastline, and it makes beautiful views and natural good harbors.
There are many scenic spots (a national park, the coast of West-Izu, and so on) in the area, and Dogashima is a representative scenic spot of West-Izu. “Tensodo” and “Sanshiro-Island” is especially famous in Dogashima.

Come aboard our Geosite Cruise, and you’ll also be able to visit the Izu Peninsula Geopark. The Izu Peninsula Geopark is a registered UNESCO Global Geopark. Until several hundred years ago, what is now Dogashima was located on the ocean floor.The underwater volcano located nearby caused the pumice and volcanic ash that had accumulated on the ocean floor to protrude upwards, creating the white cliff.Enjoy a unique view of the geosite from the ocean, with striped geological formations eroded by underwater volcano eruptions and ocean currents, rock veins formed by cooled and hardened magma (volcanic roots), columnar joints, and more.


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A thrilling course that takes you to a complex ria coast (coastal inlet), snaking around the small islands that dot the ocean, and finally to the mystical cave. The course is peppered with attractions, from the Sanshiro Islands, known for the path that appears during low tide, and that allows you to walk to the islands, and Tensodo Cave, the “blue” cave with the beautiful light that comes in through the skylight, and more.


Coast on the emerald green ocean on the high-speed cruiser "Grace II."The cruiser is stylish, with the feel of a cabin cruiser.A course that’s sure to inspire you, taking you to the Dogashima shoreline with its row of hotels, and even giving you a glimpse of Mt. Fuji out in front if the weather is clear.It will also take you, of course, to the mystical Tensodo Cave. Watch as the very experienced captain sails the cruiser expertly on the water.


A comfortable 50-minute cruise along Nishiizu’s most interesting shoreline. The course is filled with attractions, from Senganmon to the Red Wall of Izu and Kannon Island. Enjoy the luxurious feel of the cabin in the high-speed cruiser "Grace II."On the way back, the cruiser will coast through the cobalt blue waters of the Suruga Bay.And finally, a trip through the cave.It’ll be an experience you won’t forget.


The term "geo-park" refers to places where you can experience and learn about the earth ("geo"), and enjoy yourself ("park"), all at once."Geosites" refer to the most notable and interesting spots within these geo-parks.On this course, an Izu Peninsula certified "geo-guide" will guide you through the marvels of the geosites at the Izu Peninsula Geopark, which is a UNESCO Global Geopark.
*Geosite Cruise is the only course where the tour will be provided only in Japanese.



You can enjoy meals in a restaurant overlooking the cobalt blue sea.We offer various Japanese meals (Tempura bowl, Sashimi sets, Sukiyaki bowl, Udon, etc.) and some Western-style meals (Curry and rice, bouillabaisse, etc.).Our Dogashima Gozen comes highly recommended. (Simmered red bream, Sashimi, Tempura, etc.).Also we offer a variety of soft drinks, alcohol, and desserts (Ice cream, Fruit parfait, etc.). The combination of beautiful scenery and delicious food will make for an unforgettable Japanese experience..


He shop is full of special products from West-Izu like T-shirts and many other goods.Men and Women of all ages can find something memorable to take home.The shop is organized into specific interests (Marin products, Pickles, Sweets, Local Sake, Character goods, etc.), and some items are only sold exclusively in Izu.We sell more than 3000 different items and we especially recommend trying the local sake and wine.

3F Izu Trick Art Museum

3F Izu Trick Art Museum

The Izu Trick Art Museum is divided into six fun-filled zones: Experience adventure on the high seas in the Ocean Adventure zone, become a jungle explorer in the Jungle Encounter zone, travel back in time to the Edo period (1603–1867) in the Edo Stroll zone, brave thrills and mystery in the Mystifying Challenge zone, or browse a huge selection of exciting merchandise in the Shopping Extravaganza zone.


The ingredients (curry sauce and basil sauce) used in the halal dishes are labeled halal. The rice, salad, and water, however, are the same as those used in the regular menu.
These halal dishes are cooked and plated in our kitchen, in the same way as the dishes on the regular menu.There are no plates/utensils, cookware (pots, tongs, ladles, etc.) designated only for use on halal dishes.You may, however, use disposable trays, spoons, and forks.Please ask us if you would like any of these utensils.

  • Prayer Room (Entrance)

    Prayer Room (Entrance)

    Here at Dogashima Marine, we have a designated prayer room.Please enter the prayer room through this entrance.
  • Prayer Room

    Prayer Room

    You may use the prayer room for free anytime between 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.Men and women may use the prayer room separately.
  • Wudu


    We also offer wudu equipment, prayer mats, and women’s prayer clothes.
  • Yellow Chicken Curry

    Yellow Chicken Curry

    Yellow curry made with a coconut milk base, Indian-style spices, and vegetables.
  • Red Chicken Curry

    Red Chicken Curry

    Red curry made with a coconut milk base, with spices and herbs.
  • Massaman Chicken Curry

    Massaman Chicken Curry

    Islamic-style chicken curry with a coconut milk base, with peanuts, spices, and herbs.
  • Thai Basil Chicken Rice

    Thai Basil Chicken Rice

    Thai-style chicken and basil stir-fry with rice.The basil aroma and the chili pepper flavor go perfectly together.
  • Nishiizu Hijiki (Brown Algae) Salad

    Nishiizu Hijiki (Brown Algae) Salad

    Made with hijiki picked in Nishiizu!Uses halal dressing.


By Bus and Railway

By Car

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If you are arriving from the Toi direction

Keep going 800m after you come across the open sea in front of you and the triangular cape.

Keep going 500m after you again see the ocean, this time to your right.

Take a left once you see the sign for the Kayama Yuzo Museum/cruiser, and you will arrive at your destination.

If you are arriving from the Matsuzaki direction

Keep going 500m after you see the shoreline and the islands to your left.

Take a right once you see the sign for the Kayama Yuzo Museum/cruiser beyond the stoplight, and you will arrive at your destination.
There is a large free parking lot, as well as two additional parking lots (No. 2 and No. 3).